Meet the Team

WB_Brain-Win8Jay Leigeber

Jay is an entrepreneur helping people prosper financially, directing “anxious money” to more lucrative private investment opportunities. Following a rewarding 30 year corporate marketing career, Jay is pursuing his passion of sharing insights and opportunities with committed people desiring to take personal control of their financial destiny.

Jay has completed several dozen privately structured loans, owns several cash flow real estate properties and is involved in fix and flips with partners. He enjoys “the thrill of the hunt” in discovering the needles in the haystack…the high value creating opportunities in real estate finance.


Jim MacKay

Jim, a founding partner of Financial Freedom Investors, has over 20 years of sales experience in business and consumer sales. Over the past 10 years, thanks to his exceptionally loyal customers, personal referrals, and repeat business he has been enjoying a very successful career in Telecom Sales.

By making an industry leap to Private Lending, Jim found it professionally enriching to help others achieve their financial goals through passive income strategies. Jim is passionate about the needs and goals of his clients and he specializes in bringing them peace of mind in their financial decisions.


Danielle MacKay

Danielle possesses over 11 years of management and communications experience. Her decision to leave the workforce in 2009 to pursue a career as a “stay at home” mom has enkindled a desire to nurture others through creating passive income through Real Estate.

Always dedicated to expanding her Private Lending education, Danielle relishes teaching others the power of cash flow through private investments.