Privately Structured Deals

A key concept of Financial Freedom Investor’s wealth building strategy is to not be involved in mass market investments/Wall Street securities where risk and reward are always aligned.  Why choose low risk and receive low returns or choose high risk and the potential for high returns? Yet in the privately structured deals we advocate in private mortgage investing or cash flow real estate, it is possible to structure investments for significant returns but very limited risks.  Consider the following advantages:

Knowledge and control allow you to reduce risks and magnify returns.   With privately structured deals you are able to know more about the facts of how profits can be made, the unique characteristics of specific deals and also develop plans to reduce risks.

When you partner with experienced professionals in privately structured deals, it is not uncommon to achieve 2X, 3X, even 4X returns with limited risk.  We consider these accelerated returns Harder Working Money.

If you too would like to clearly understand the parameters of how your capital is making a reliable return, and how the deals are structured to shift risk to others and benefits to you…contact us today to learn about our investment opportunities.