Private Lending

Financial Freedom Investors believes Private Mortgage Investing is one of the safest ways to generate lucrative returns in privately structured deals.  While we also are advocates of real estate investments, consider the following ways that being a lender to other peoples’ deals is safer than being the property owner/investor:

Private Lender Property Owner/Borrower
Defines the rules for a loan he is willing to make Provides all of the information to qualify for the loan and must follow the rules offered
Decides if it’s a good deal/offers the terms unique to a specific deal/borrower Can either accept or reject what is offered
Lawyers create all the legal paperwork in the advantage of the lender Signs a confession of judgment and personal guarantee and pays for the legal documents
No costs to establish a loan Pays the down payment and closing costs
Named as loss payee on property insurance and title insurance Pays for the property insurance and title insurance
Controls the rehab funding in escrow, to only be released as the property is improved Does all the work to the property, if there are over runs must be paid by the borrower
Less risk: fixed terms and protective equity More risk: down payment money at most risk, must create the value for profits beyond paying off lender and getting his down payment back
Gets paid first Gets paid last
Laws protect lenders capital, last to lose Foreclosure if default, first to lose
Shielded from litigation on the property Exposed to liability of the property

The Power of Teams

We are members of the largest, most sophisticated private lending group in the world: MPact Wealth’s Platinum Community of the Bankers Code.  This is a group of about 400 seasoned private lenders across the US.  We have all been trained with similar methods to structure deals to reduce risk to the lenders.  We support each other by funding each other’s deals.

​Real estate is a local business.  It is very advantageous to our funding partners to have access to many of the best and brightest people flipping homes in the best markets across the USA.

Opportunities for Participation

We are consistently originating loans to experienced borrowers on well-vetted projects.  If you would like to evaluate whether these opportunities are appropriate to help you achieve your financial goals, let’s get to know each other.  We only choose to allow participation to a small group of people we are confident would benefit by being participants in these short-term loans.