Funding Business Growth

Financial Freedom Investors seeks to diversify capital deployment beyond the real estate channel to both provide compelling cash flow opportunities and mitigate cyclical risk.  Our unique Revenue Sharing Finance funding model offers key benefits to both business owners and investors versus traditional options…we truly believe it is a win/win solution.

Traditional methods of funding business growth initiatives typically involve either selling equity shares of ownership of the business or short term business loans.  Both can prove to entail significant downside consequences to the business owner.  On the other hand our unique “royalty” type of investment structuring puts the investor squarely aligned with the business owner to deploy capital specifically for growing top-line sales.  With this type of investment structuring, the capital provider is trading today’s funding for a longer-term sharing of a slice of future revenues.

The long-term benefits to the investor of the Revenue Sharing Finance model includes a reliable stream of passive income, that will continue long after all initial funding has been returned.  Importantly, future income streams increase with sales increases…they are not dependent on the back-end profitability of the business.   This enables stacking and compounding returns with redeployment of the initial capital.